Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Boys'/Guest Bathroom Makeover Sneak Preview

Ok, I know it's been a while since I posted, but come on... if you know me, this is no surprise. I got tired of my guest bathroom, well, as soon as I saw it, but I've been dealing with it. Too long. It's way past time to tackle the horrible striped walls that absolutely NOTHING matches. Let me show you the pictures of the wallpaper that was so ugly that, let's face it, should be OUTLAWED!

This picture was an afterthought, so it's taken under my sink, where I didn't bother to paint.

Ugly, huh? I honestly don't know how I lived with it as long as I did. Funds and other, more important projects did play a huge role in it, though. Okay, here's the semi-finished project:

Dad and I built this cabinet a couple years ago as the first attempt to make a difference on this space. The shelf turned out great, and was made with scrap wood & paint we already had on hand, so it was budget friendly. I designed it, but can't take credit for the weird angles and cuts we had to make. Couldn't have done it without Dad!

The paint was some I bought with this project in mind (got it super cheap from the "OOPS" section in Walmart). I wanted something like a dark grey, and apparently, there were LOTS of people not pleased with their grey, so there were several gallons to choose from in the color pallette I was looking for. Lucky me! With the prices of the oops cans, I was able to get more then one gallon, just in case I didn't like my first choice. I simply added 1x4's to the walls to give it the wainescotting look, primed and painted those and the walls between. I have some vintage signs and frames I have made, and need to hang, and others in the works. Hopefully the simple touches I add at the end will pull my whole room together.

Here's a pic of the sign I've already made (yet to hang), a clock I made, and one of the small frames. One problem... what color towels should I buy? Thoughts or ideas please!

Metal sign attached to a salvaged piece of plywood (natural aging on the wood).

Cute circular sign I bought, drilled a center hole, and added a simple clock kit from Hobby Lobby.
B&W pics of my boys in their overalls when they were each 2 yrs old. Pic in middle says "Not only my brother... but my best friend."

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